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Speaker Sermon Date
Jordan WinslowSet Apart for God's Purposes12.17.17 AM
Jonathan MinsonProfiles in Revelations 112.13.17
Bruce KesslerWhat Child is This12.10.17 AM
Dustin GaskinsPlaying A Part12.3.17 AM
Jordan DanserMiraculous Gifts of the Spirit11.29.17
Glen TaylorNo Drunkards In Heaven11.26.17 AM
Bruce KesslerBeing Grateful In All Circumstances11.26.17 PM
Dustin Gaskins2 Peter Summary A Method to Remember11.22.17 PM
Travis AshleyHow do you handle conflict11.19.17 AM
Mike Hallstability11.15.17
Craig HayesGrounded and Grateful11.12.17 AM
Mark WoodyThief in the Night11.8.17
Chris TaylorI'm Too Tired, Too Busy11.5.17 AM
Jordan DanserBaptism10.29.17 AM
Chris TaylorWhat Jesus Second Coming Means10.25.17
Mike Hallhonor and respect10.22.17 AM
Mark Woodya changed life10.22.17 PM
Travis Ashley Dealing with False Prophets10.18.17
Jordan WinslowMy Christians Rights10.15.17 AM
Charles Valleecharacteristics of false teachers10.11.17
Dustin GaskinsHow Do You Look At Others10.8.17 AM
Bruce KesslerSecond Coming10.1.17 AM
Leslie JonesFalse Teachers Will Be Judged9.27.17
Travis AshleyFollow Jesus Regardless The Cost9.24.17 AM
Jordan DancerDestructive Doctrine9.20.17
Mark WoodyWho Is The God Who Will Deliver You9.17.17 AM
Doug SwitzerBe not Deceived9.13.17
Bruce KesslerIn A Dry And Thirsty Land9.10.17 AM
Jared MackeyGo in Thereat9.3.17 AM
Glen TaylorKeep Working8.30.17
Jordan DanserHow To Pray For Each Other8.27.17 PM
Jonathan MinsonThe Challenge of a Multigenerational Church8.27.17 AM
Jordan WinslowMake your calling sure8.23.17
Glen TaylorOT Prophecies of Jesus Fulfilled in 24 Hours 8.20.17 AM
Craig HayesGodly Living8.16.17 PM
Chris TaylorHow to Overcome Sin8.13.17 AM
Mark Woody2 Peter Introduction8.9.17 PM
Bruce KesslerStrongholds of Life8.6.17
Travis AshleyWhere is your treasure7.30.17
Corbin HallThe Highest Level of Faith7.26.17
Mark Woodyunity7.23.17 AM
David Robinsonwho is in charge7.23.17 PM
Craig HayesResist The Devil7.16.17 AM
Dustin GaskinsFulfilling the Purpose of the Worship Service7.9.17 AM
Bruce Kesslertearing down strongholds in your life7.2.17 AM
Jordan DanserSummary of 1 Peter6.28.17 PM
Jordan Winslowdo you love the world more6.25.17 PM
Craig Hayesin and with Christ6.25.17 AM
Travis AshleyBe A Godly Father6.18.17 AM
Bruce Kessler1 Peter Study6.14.17
Glen TaylorNo Trick Questions Regarding Salvation6.11.17 AM
Mike HallWho Is God6.4.17 AM
Craig Hayes1 Peter 3 Study5.31.17
Mark Woodythe road to Emmaus5.28.17 AM
Travis Ashleyis forgiveness important to you?5.28.17 PM
Doug Switzer1 Peter 2 Study5.24.17
Jordan DanserThe Devastation of Anger 5.21.17 AM
Amon Rowe1 Peter 1 Study5.17.17
Rusty SpringerKnowing the Terror of the Lord5.14.17 AM
Bruce Kessler1 Peter Summary5.10.17
Bruce KesslerWaiting With Perserverance5.7.17 AM
Jordan WinslowThe Tests of a True Christian4.30.17 AM
Leslie JonesLiving Outside My Circumstances4.26.17
Craig HayesHelping Others Change4.23.17 PM
Chris TaylorWhy Repent4.23.17 AM
Mark WoodyThe Importance Of The Ressurection4.16.17 AM
Travis AshleySeek First The Kingdom of God4.12.17
Clyde WoodyWhats In A Name4.9.17 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Power of the Gift4.2.17 AM
Mark WoodyGod's Will In Our Finances Part 43.29.17
Jordan DanserPatience3.26.17 PM
Travis AshleyHave You Considered My Servant Job3.26.17 AM
Mark WoodyGod's Will In Our Finances Part 33.22.17
Bruce KesslerRejoice!3.19.17 AM
Mark WoodyGod's Will In Our Finances Part 23.15.17
Mike HallBiblical Response to Interpersonal Conflict Part 23.12.17 PM
Mike HallBiblical Response to Interpersonal Conflict Part 13.12.17 AM
Mark WoodyGod's Will In Our Finances Part 13.8.17 PM
Michael McCorkleJoined as one3.5.17 AM
Paul WoodyHonesty2.26.17 PM
Craig HayesThe Walls Can Be Rebuilt2.26.17 AM
Dustin GaskinsWhat Is Your Sin Problem2.22.17
Jay LoydThe Parable of the Dragnet2.19.17 AM
Glen TaylorSteps to Salvation2.12.17
Leslie JonesVessel of Honor2.8.17
Bruce KesslerUnderstanding Repentance2.5.17 AM
Glen TaylorThe Riches of God's Grace1.29.17 AM
Chris TaylorHow Are We Forgiven1.25.17
Mark WoodyWhere Do We Get Our Authority1.22.17 AM
Jordan DanserStudy of Acts 21.22.17 PM
Mike HallFor She Loved Much1.15.17 AM
Mike HallHow to Make Disciples1.11.17
Jordan WinslowWalking in the Light1.8.17 PM
Dustin GaskinsHow Do We Change Our Hearts1.8.17 AM
Bruce KesslerI Have A Message From God to You1.1.17 AM
Mark WoodyThe All Loving God12.25.16 AM
Jordan WinslowThe Meaning of Jesus Birth12.21.16
Craig HayesGod Is Able12.18.16 AM
Jordan DancerBe Holy12.14.16
Bruce KesslerThe Excellence of God in Prayer12.11.16 AM
Travis AshleyAre You A Career Christian12.4.16 AM
Glen TaylorChristians Faith In Jesus11.30.16
Craig HayesPraying for Power11.27.16 AM
Jordan DanserWhat The Kingdom Is11.27.16 AM
Bruce KesslerLiving a Successful and Godly Life11.23.16
Mike HallThe Virtuous Family11.20.16 AM
Mike MinsonVirtuous Woman11.16.16
Mark WoodyNow That The Election Is Over11.13.16 AM
Ray SpeightsSelf Control11.9.16
Bruce KesslerTeam Victory in a Chaotic World11.6.16 AM
Mike HallThe Parable of the Dragnet10.30.16 AM
Topher TaylorThe Word of God is True10.26.16
Travis AshleyParable of the Leaven10.23.16 AM
David RobinsonStory of Moses10.23.16 PM
Mike HallRain That Leaves No Food10.19.16
Craig HayesThe Hidden Treasure Parable10.16.16 AM
Mark WoodyWounds From A Friend Can Be Trusted10.12.16
Jordan WinslowThe Pearl of Great Value10.9.16 AM
Dustin GaskinsParable of the Mustard Seed10.2.16 AM
Jordan DanserLaziness9.28.16
Jay LoydIs God a Maniac9.25.16 PM
Jay LoydParable of the Seed9.25.16 AM
Craig HayesWords Fitly Spoken9.21.16
Mark WoodyWheat and the Tares9.18.16 AM
Leslie JonesBy Wisdom The House Is Built9.14.16
Chris TaylorParable of the Sower9.11.16 AM
Bruce KesslerWhy Parables of the Kingdom9.4.16 AM
Jordan WinslowHumility Proverbs Study8.31.16
Michael McCorkleCumulative Effect8.28.16 AM
Michael McCorkleWho8.28.16 PM
Dustin GaskinsGod Weighs the Heart8.24.16
Chris TaylorThe Spiritual Stages of Man8.21.16 AM
Jordan DanserRepentance8.14.16 AM
Travis AshleyInspiration Discernment Friendship8.10.16
Bruce KesslerThe Power of Consolation8.7.16 AM
Jordan WinslowLove Your Enemies7.31.16 AM
The SwitzersProverbs 197.27.16
Sean HanleyThe Day7.24.16 AM
Topher TaylorTriumphant Entry to the Ascention7.24.16 PM
Bruce KesslerWhat Is A Friend7.20.16
Mark WoodyWhe Everything Seems to be Going Wrong7.17.16 AM
Chris TaylorProverbs 167.13.16
Craig HayesThe Song Of Moses7.10.16 AM
Bruce KesslerFree, Now What?7.3.16 AM
Tony FaganProverbs 15 Love One Another6.29.16
Mark WoodyThe Blood Of Christ6.26.16 AM
Travis AshleyWhat the Bible Says About Fathers6.26.16 PM
Bruce KesslerChoices Matter6.22.16
Bruce KesslerWhat Is That to You?6.19.16 AM
Glen TaylorProverbs 12 Study6.15.16
Nathan SpringerProvoking One Another Unto Love And Good Works6.12.16 AM
Jordan WinslowSeeking Spiritual Wealth6.8.16
Craig HayesThe Song Of David6.5.16 AM
Clyde WoodyPersonal Evangelism5.29.16 AM
Craig HayesWisdom In Humility5.25.16
Topher TaylorSimon Peter5.22.16 PM
Mike HallWhat Does the Bible Say About Fasting5.22.16 AM
Corbin HallSeeking Wise Council5.18.16
Bruce KesslerWhy Have You Forsaken Me5.15.16 AM
Leslie JonesChoose Wisdom5.11.16
Travis AshleyAre You In A One Sided Relationship5.8.16 AM
Jordan WinslowGo All In For Christ5.1.16 AM
Chris TaylorWisdom Comes From The Lord4.27.16
Mike HallReligious Discussions With Friends4.24.16 PM
Mike HallThe Tomb of the Unknown Saint4.24.16 AM
Travis AshleyGaining Wisdom And Understanding4.20.16
Mark WoodyFaith And The Impossible4.17.16 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Journey of Faith4.10.16 AM
Bruce KesslerIs the Providence of God True4.10.16 PM
Topher TaylorCourage To Do The Right Thing4.3.16 AM
Mark WoodyDealing Effectively with Sexual Sins3.30.16
Travis AshleyBoldly Following Gods Path for My Life3.27.16 AM
Jordan WinslowWhat Difference Does It Make3.27.16 PM
Jordan WinslowKeeping Your Heart3.23.16
Craig HayesTrustin God When It Doesnt Make Sense3.20.16 AM
Mark WoodyApplying The Word3.16.16
Mark WoodyTrusting God Enough To Give Him Your Best3.13.16 AM
Glen TaylorHow Do I Match Up to Love3.13.16 PM
Bruce KesslerA Manual for Living a Wise Life3.9.16
Bruce KesslerSaving to Living Faith3.7.16 AM
Rusty SpringerJesus Teachings on Hell2.28.16 AM
Rusty SpringerJesus Teachings on Heaven2.28.16 PM
Topher TaylorHow To Evangelize2.24.16
Mark WoodyFinding Joy in This World of Vanity2.21.16 AM
Mark WoodyFinding Joy in This World of Vanity2.21.16 AM
Travis AshleyDead to Sin Free to Serve God2.17.16
Glen TaylorImportance Of Studying2.14.16 AM
Craig HayesIs This Out Of The Lord's Reach?2.14.16 PM
Bruce KesslerDo Not Spare Us Today2.10.16
Bruce KesslerWill You Serve the Lord2.7.16 AM
Ray SpeightsUnity of the Faith1.31.16 AM
Topher TaylorHow Do You React To Sin1.27.16
Jordan WinslowFight Fear With Faith1.24.16 PM
Mark WoodyEdification Of The Church1.24.16 AM
Leslie JonesGood Morning Father1.20.16
Travis AshleyLove The Lord1.17.16 AM
Charles ValleeMans Wisdom VS Gods Wisdom1.13.16
Craig HayesThe Ark and The Church1.10.16 AM
Glen TaylorThe Wallet Message1.10.16 PM
Bruce KesslerJesus of Nazareth Passeth By1.3.16 AM
Topher TaylorWhat Is Your Action Plan For 201612.30.15
Mark WoodyHope for the Future12.27.15 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Wise Men and Jesus12.23.15
Glen TaylorDoes God Love You12.20.15 AM
Craig HayesIntegrity12.16.15
Travis AshleySimon Peter Before And After12.13.15 PM
Craig HayesThe Repentance of David12.13.15 AM
Mike HallWhat Advantage?12.9.15
Bruce KesslerForewarn is Forearmed12.6.15 AM
Glen TaylorWidows and Widowers11.29.15 AM
Mark WoodySummary of The Lords Prayer Series11.25.15
Craig HayesCutures Influence on the Family11.22.15 AM
Topher TaylorAre You Preaching the Gospel Message Daily11.22.15 PM
Travis AshleyLead Us Not Into Temptation11.18.15
Michael McCorkleFamily Conflict Resolution11.15.15 AM
Leslie JonesThine Is The Glory11.11.15
Bruce KesslerYoke In Christ11.8.15 PM
Mark WoodyGods Plan For The Mother11.8.15 AM
Jordan WinslowChildrens Role In The Family11.1.15 AM
Topher TaylorForgiveness10.28.15
Mark WoodyLove Is Kind10.25.15 PM
Craig HayesFathers10.25.15 AM
Tony FaganGive Us This Day Our Daily Bread10.21.15
Travis AshleyFamilies Battling Addiction10.18.15 AM
Bruce KesslerEmbracing Gods Will10.14.15
Craig KeelOlder Womens Responsibility10.11.15 AM
Bruce KesslerDivorce and Remarriage10.4.15 AM
Jordan WinslowYour Kingdom Come9.30.15
Mark WoodyGods Plan For The Husband9.27.15 AM
Travis AshleySharing The Gospel9.27.15 PM
Charles ValleeHallowed Be Thy Name9.23.15
Glen TaylorOlder Men9.20.15 AM
Craig HayesOur Father In Heaven9.16.15
David MinsonGods Plan For The Wife9.13.15 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Lords Prayer Intro9.9.15
Bruce KesslerGods Plan for the Blended Family9.6.15 AM
Glen TaylorMeeting Jesus8.30.15 AM
Topher TaylorProducing Fruit8.26.15
Craig HayesConfessing To One Another8.23.15 AM
Jordan WinslowUnderstanding Suffering8.23.15 PM
Travis AshleyImportance of Fellowship8.19.15
Mark WoodyBuilding A Strong Faith8.16.15 AM
Mark WoodyA Strong Christian8.12.15
Bruce KesslerGospel Power Part 38.9.15 AM
Clyde WoodyWhat Is A Christian8.2.15 AM
Leslie JonesThe Battle Belongs To The Lord7.29.15
Craig HayesI Have Set The Lord Always Before Me7.26.15 AM
Topher TaylorA Christian Focus7.26.15 PM
Travis AshleyThe Fathers Role7.22.15
Mark WoodyThe Source Of Our Stability7.19.15 AM
Jordan WinslowThe Christian Standard7.15.15
Michael McCorkleThe Prophet and The Donkey7.12.15 AM
Jordan DancerLove Seeks Best7.8.15
Bruce KesslerGospel Power Part 27.5.15 AM
Paul-GlenPatience6.28.15 PM
Travis AshleyWhere Are The Other Nine6.28.15 AM
Travis AshleyLove That Sacrifices6.24.15
Craig HayesTrust Issues6.21.15 AM
Topher TaylorThe Slave6.17.15
Mark WoodyComing to Mount Zion6.14.15 AM
Jordan WinslowI Will6.10.15
Bruce KesslerGospel Message Part 16.7.15 AM
Craig HayesEffectively Sharing Your Faith5.31.15 AM
Doug SwitzerChristian Love Reaches The Helpless5.27.15
Mark WoodyAre You Ready5.24.15 AM
Topher TaylorChristian Soldier5.24.15 PM
Craig HayesLove Doesnt Demand5.20.15
Travis AshleyWitness5.17.15 AM
Mark WoodySermon Series in Philemon Love Encourages5.13.15
Rusty SpringerIf The Dead Could Speak5.10.15 AM
Bruce KesslerIn Christ5.3.15 AM
Bruce KesslerAssurances Of That Victory4.29.15
Craig KeelA New Name4.26.15 AM
Craig KeelBite and Devour4.26.15 PM
Glen TaylorJourney Towards Victory4.22.15
Bruce KesslerEternal Influence4.19.15 AM
Ray SpeightsPreparing For Victory4.15.15
Craig HayesThe Exaggerated World4.12.15 PM
Mark WoodyWhat Does It Mean To Believe4.12.15 AM
Jordan WinslowDealing with Division in the Church4.8.15
Glen TaylorWhere Is Your Faith4.5.15 AM
Craig HayesWho Are You Listening To3.29.15 AM
Jordan DanserJudgment of False Teachers3.25.15
Mark WoodyBiblical Giving3.22.15 AM
Travis AshleyThe Eleventh Hour3.22.15 PM
Travis AshleyFalse Teachers Depraved and Doomed3.18.15
Glen TaylorDo You Love God?3.15.15 AM
Craig HayesCharacteristics Of False Teachers3.11.15
Clyde WoodyWhat Will You Do With Jesus3.8.15 AM
Clyde WoodyThe Optimism Of Jesus3.8.15 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Curse3.1.15 AM
Charles ValleeMotivation To Contend For The Faith2.25.15
Craig HayesGetting to Know God- God is Love2.22.15 AM
Travis AshleyChristain Leadership2.22.15 PM
Doug SwitzerPerverting Gods Grace2.18.15
Mark WoodyDiscerning Between Good and Evil2.15.15 AM
Tony FaganJude-Contending For The Faith2.11.15
Jerry McCorklePortable Religion2.8.15 PM
Jerry McCorkleThis is The Day2.8.15 AM
Bruce KesslerA Thousand Times2.1.15 AM
Topher TaylorJude-Mercy,Peace and Love1.28.15
Craig HayesInjustice1.25.15 AM
Topher TaylorGenuine Christian Help1.25.15 PM
Leslie JonesJude-To Whom Is It Written1.21.15
Mark WoodyVengeance1.18.15 AM
Mark WoodyCharacter of Jude1.14.15
Glen TaylorAre We Doing What God Wants1.11.15 PM
Travis AshleyHate and Prejudice1.11.15 AM
Bruce KesslerGodly living in a Fallen World Intro1.4.15 AM
Topher TaylorA Year Long Journey12.31.14
Travis AshleyAmong The Sheep12.28.14 PM
VariousDiscussion - The Birth of Christ12.28.14
Mark WoodyDifferent Responses To The Good News12.28.14 AM
Craig HayesRepentance-Change12.21.14 AM
Leslie JonesFaith All In12.17.14
Glen TaylorTop 3 Spiritual Events12.14.14 PM
Bruce KesslerUnforgiven12.14.14 AM
Jordan WinslowThe Least Will Be Great12.10.14
Mike HallThe Donkey, Elephant and Lamb12.7.14 AM
David RobinsonSelf Control11.30.14 AM
Doug SwitzerTest of Restoration11.26.14
Travis AshleyFriend of God11.23.14 PM
Craig HayesFruit of The Spirit-Meekness11.23.14 AM
Mark WoodyPray Earnestly11.19.14
Glen TaylorFruit of The Spirit-Faithfulness11.16.14 AM
Charles ValleeThe Test of Patience11.12.14
Mark WoodyFruit of The Spirit-Goodness11.9.14 AM
Jordan WinslowTaking Responsibility For Your Faith11.9.14 PM
Bruce KesslerFruit of The Spirit-Kindness11.2.14 AM
Tony FaganTrials of Riches10.29.14
Mark WoodyFruit of The Spirit - Patience10.26.14 AM
Glen TaylorGods Wrath on Unrighteousness10.26.14 PM
Mark WoodyGod's Will For Us10.22.14
Glen TaylorHumility10.15.14
Craig HayesFruit of The Spirit - Joy10.12.14 AM
Bruce KesslerAre You an Enemy of God?10.8.14
Bruce KesslerFruit of The Spirit-Love10.5.14 AM
Ian JonesHermeneutics Part29.28.14 PM
Ian JonesHermeneutics Part19.28.14 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Test of Conflict9.24.14
Mark WoodyStewardship9.21.14 AM
Glen TaylorHeavenly Wisdom9.17.14
Craig HayesThe Power of The Name of Jesus9.14.14 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Tongue9.10.14
Bruce KesslerThe ABC's of Prayer9.7.14 AM
Rusty SpringerHoliness8.31.14 AM
Mark WoodyTeachers Be Prepared8.27.14
Travis AshleyThe Body of Christ8.24.14 AM
Topher TaylorModesty8.24.14 PM
Tony FaganThe Test of Faith8.20.14
Craig HayesPeace Be Still8.17.14 AM
Mike HallThe Test of Favoritism8.13.14
Mark WoodyJesus Is Enough8.10.14 AM
Bruce KesslerBut Rise and Stand On Your Feet8.3.14 AM
VariousC of C India Presentation7.30.14
Craig HayesFriendship7.27.14 AM
Bruce KesslerConsequences of Hatred7.27.14 PM
Leslie JonesThe Implanted Word7.23.14
Bruce KesslerRedeeming The Time7.20.14 AM
Charles ValleeThe Test of Anger7.16.14
Ruben HensonHow Do You See Jesus?7.13.14 AM
Topher TaylorEnduring Temptations7.9.14
Clyde WoodyWomen of the Church7.6.14 AM
Michael McCorkleDoes God Exist?6.29.14 AM
Doug SwitzerThe Rich and The Poor6.25.14
Chris JarrellPornography and The Christian6.22.14 AM
Glen TaylorWhat the Bible says about lying6.22.14 PM
Travis AshleyTesting Your Faith6.18.14
Bruce KesslerSocial Networking and The Christian6.15.14 AM
Craig HayesIntro to James6.11.14
Travis AshleyAddiction6.8.14 AM
Craig Hayessex and The Christian6.1.14 AM
Tony Charles LeslieDiscussion5.28.14
Jay LoydMarriage and Homosexuality5.25.14 AM
Jay LoydLove and Same Sex Marriage5.25.14 PM
Doug SwitzerA Child Shall Lead Them5.21.14
Mark WoodyThe issue of Abortion5.18.14 AM
Topher TaylorChildren5.14.14
Ray SpeightsInfallibility of God5.11.14 AM
Glen TaylorIntro to World and Church Series5.4.14 AM
Bruce Claunch JordanDiscussion4.30.14
Bruce KesslerSinging Our Spiritual Worship4.27.14 AM
Craig HayesAre You Connected?4.27.14 PM
Tony FaganThe Older Brother4.23.14
Glen TaylorHe is Risen4.20.14 AM
Doug SwitzerThe Lost Coin4.16.14
Mike MinsonGod Loved Us4.13.14 AM
Mike MinsonHow to Love One Another4.13.14 PM
Topher TaylorThe Lost Sheep4.9.14
Mark WoodyThe Most Excellent Way4.6.14 AM
Glen TaylorDo You Believe3.30.14 AM
Travis AshleyThe Lost Son3.26.14
Craig HayesThe Writing on the Wall3.23.14 AM
David RobinsonThe Ascension of Jesus3.23.14 PM
Glen TaylorObligations to the Church3.19.14
Mark WoodyWhat is Fellowship3.16.14 AM
Bruce KesslerPower of Praise3.12.14
Clyde WoodyThere are No Little Things3.9.14 AM
Clyde WoodyThe Best is Yet to Come3.9.14 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Unlimited Church3.2.14 AM
Dustin/TonyFavorite Verses and Comments2.26.14
Craig HayesEquipped with Prayer2.23.14 AM
Glen TaylorPrayer that Connects2.23.14 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Church Names and Titles2.19.14
Mark WoodyThe Sword of the Spirit2.16.14 AM
Doug SwitzerThe Roaring Lion2.12.14
Topher TaylorWhy Have We Gathered Together2.9.14 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Helmet of Salvation2.9.14 AM
Travis AshleyThe Shield of Faith2.2.14 AM
Leslie JonesI Am Resolved1.29.14
David MinsonThe Shoes of Peace and Preparation1.26.14 AM
David MinsonFailed Quest For Joy1.26.14 PM
Christian JoynerTrue Message of The Bible1.22.14
Craig HayesThe Breastplate of Righteousness1.19.14 AM
Topher TaylorThe Tongue1.15.14
Mark WoodyThe Belt of Truth1.12.14 AM
Travis AshleyWhat is the source of your strength1.12.14 PM
Doug SwitzerThe Blood of Abel1.8.14
Bruce KesslerThe Nature of Our Warfare1.5.14 AM
Travis AshleyWhom Do You Serve?12.29.13 AM
Mark WoodyMoving To The Next Level12.22.13 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Power of Christ12.22.13 PM
Topher TaylorDo Money and Possessions Rule You? 12.18.13
Bruce KesslerAm I the Other Brother?12.15.13 AM
Craig HayesSaul Converted to Christ12.11.13
Craig HayesTraining for Godliness12.8.13 AM
Jordan DanserThe Woman with the Issue of Blood12.8.13 PM
Glen TaylorWhat Kind of Man/Woman Does God Want?12.1.13 AM
Craig HayesBringing the Gospel to Others11.27.13
Travis AshleyInvitation to Peace and Rest11.24.13 AM
Doug SwitzerDaniels Proven Prophecy of Christ11.20.13
Craig HayesInvitation to Confidence11.17.13 AM
Rusty Springer3 Training Sessions The God of Relationships11.12.13
Glen TaylorHow God Speaks Today11.10.13 PM
Mark WoodyInvitation to Contentment11.10.13 AM
Craig KeelI AM that I AM11.6.13
Bruce KesslerInvitation to Examination11.3.13 AM
Glen TaylorThe Gospel is Simple10.30.13
Mark WoodyInvitation to Fellowship10.27.13 AM
Ray SpeightsThe Coming Of Jesus10.27.13 PM
Topher TaylorBasic Facts Of The Bible10.23.13
Michael McCorkleInvitation to Wholehearted Commitment10.20.13 AM
Leslie JonesBalak Summons Balaam10.16.13
Glen TaylorInvitation to Repentance10.13.13 AM
Travis AshleyThe King of Kings10.9.13
Bruce KesslerThe Invitation To Come and See10.6.13 AM
Ty FlemingKing Sennacherib9.29.13 AM
Church AssemblyOrdination of Travis Ashley9.29.13 PM
Topher TaylorBlessings For Christians9.25.13
Topher TaylorAre We Christians or Sinners9.22.13 PM
Glen TaylorConviction That Leads to Real Commitment9.22.13 AM
Romero RodriguezGo, Make Disciples9.18.13
Bruce KesslerThe Efficient Lie9.15.13 AM
Glen TaylorGood and Bad Pride9.11.13
Craig HayesDefining Sin9.8.13 AM
Mark WoodyFinding Lasting Peace9.1.13 AM
Topher TaylorDo you have confidence in God?8.28.13
Craig HayesWhat Are You Living For?8.25.13 PM
Mark WoodyDo Not Be Deceived8.25.13 AM
Travis AshleyThe War Against Satan8.21.13
Mike MinsonGetting An Advantage8.18.13 AM
Glen TaylorThe God Head8.14.13
David RobinsonBorn To Be Wild8.11.13 AM
Bruce KesslerJesus Is Worth It8.4.13 AM
Topher TaylorPride and Humility7.31.13
Bruce KesslerFinding Significance & Meaning in the Church7.28.13 AM
Travis AshleyThe Kingdom Study Conclusion7.28.13 PM
Leslie JonesHumbling Yourself In The Sight Of The lord7.24.13
Craig HayesCarry Them to Jesus7.21.13 AM
Glen TaylorHow We Crucify Christ Today7.17.13
Rusty SpringerEndeavoring Unity And Peace7.14.13 AM
Bruce KesslerWhat Is Love?7.10.13
Mark WoodyFather, Forgive Them7.7.13 AM
Craig HayesA Beautiful Life6.30.13 AM
Doug Switzer2 Corinthians 13 Conclusion6.26.13
Travis AshleyThe Kingdom is Here6.23.13 PM
Glen TaylorTime to Preach in the Wilderness6.23.13 AM
Mark WoodyFollowing in His Steps6.16.13 AM
Bruce Kessler2 Corinthians 126.12.13
David RobinsonGods Unfailing Love6.9.13
Bruce KesslerThe Power of The Stone6.2.13 AM
Clyde WoodyWives and Mothers5.26.13 AM
Mark WoodyThe Spiritual War5.22.13
Craig HayesWhats Your Cause5.19.13 AM
Travis AshleyGenerosity Encouraged5.15.13
Glen TaylorGods Great Gift5.12.13 AM
Craig HayesExplanation Of Christian Giving5.8.13
Bruce KesslerThe Eyes Of The Lord5.5.13 AM
Ian JonesKnowing Gods Word4.28.13 PM
Ian JonesAs I Have Loved You4.28.13 AM
Ian JonesMercy and Justice4.27.13
Ian JonesThe Old and New Covenant4.26.13
Mark WoodyThe Value of Giving4.24.13
Mark WoodyJesus' View of Taxes4.21.13 AM
Jordan Danser2 Corinthians 8 Study 4.17.13
Craig HayesWhat One thing are you seeking?4.14.13 AM
Glen TaylorGodly sorrow leads to repentance4.10.13
Bruce KesslerTime to wake up4.7.13 AM
Chris JarrellA Christian Perspective on Life Death and Purpose3.31.13 AM
Bruce KesslerDont take Gods grace for granted3.27.13
Mark WoodyJudging Righteous Judgment3.24.13 AM
David RobinsonFountain of Blood3.24.13 PM
Glen TaylorJudging Self3.17.13 AM
Doug SwitzerThe Light Of Christs Gospel3.13.13
Craig HayesJudgment That Is Condemned3.10.13 AM
Bruce KesslerWhat Kind of Spirit Do You Have?3.3.13 AM
Craig HayesThe Spirit, Not The Letter2.27.13
Craig HayesThe Gift of God2.24.13 AM
Mark WoodyThe Works of God2.24.13 PM
Bruce Kessler2 Corinthians 2 Study of Love & Victory2.20.13
Bruce KesslerRiver Of Life2.17.13 AM
Mark WoodyFinding Comfort In God2.13.13
Jay LoydHow To Affect Change In Our Lives2.10.13 PM
Jay LoydBeing A Leader2.10.13 AM
Travis AshleyMore Than A Conqueror1.30.13
Craig HayesNavigating Your Life With God's Word1.27.13 AM
Glen TaylorBeyond Grace1.27.13 PM
Doug SwitzerTwo Most Saintly Characters In The Bible1.23.13
Bruce KesslerGod's Providence1.16.13
Jerry McCorkleThe Bible Can Be Understood1.13.13 PM
Jerry McCorkleResponsibility of Elders1.13.13 AM
Mark WoodyHeaven Will Surely Be Worth It1.9.13
Bruce KesslerA Special Covenant1.6.13 AM
Glen TaylorBattle For The Lord12.30.12 AM
Bruce KesslerJourney To Bethlehem12.23.12 AM
Craig HayesThings Learned From Christ's Birth12.23.12 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Day We Are Raised from the Dead12.19.12
Mark WoodySpiritual Apathy12.16.12 AM
Doug SwitzerProphecy And Church Order12.12.12
Mike MinsonAnger Management Part 212.9.12 PM
Mike MinsonAnger Management Part 112.9.12 AM
David RobinsonBeing Grateful now12.2.12 AM
Travis AshleyChurch Body11.28.12
Clyde WoodyRecipe For Success11.25.12 PM
Clyde WoodyCan You Fall From Grace11.25.12 AM
Glen TaylorThe Greatest Gift11.21.12
Mark WoodyTrust In Gods Sovereignty11.18.12
Glen TaylorThe Lords Supper11.14.12
Bruce KesslerWhere Did You Go?11.11.12 AM
Bruce KesslerGood Is Not Enough11.11.12 PM
Craig HayesFather, I Commit My Spirit11.4.12 AM
Craig HayesAligning with God's Authority10.31.12
Mark WoodyIt is Finished10.28.12 AM
Travis AshleyHeal The Sick10.28.12
Mark WoodyFocusing On Others10.24.12
Dwight PerkinsTransformation Of Christians 10.21.12 AM
Travis AshleyChristian Rights10.17.12
Bruce KesslerI THIRST10.14.12 AM
David RobinsonLiving in The Spirit10.14.12 PM
Glen TaylorMarriage10.10.12
Nathan SpringerWhy Hast Thou Forsaken Me10.7.12 AM
Mark WoodyWoman Behold Thy Son9.30.12 AM
Mark WoodyDiscipline-Conflict9.26.12
Rusty SpringerThe Salvation of the Eunuch9.23.12 AM
Rusty SpringerPhilips Perspective9.23.12 PM
Craig KeelThe Power of One9.19.12
Ray SpeightsBlessed Assurance9.16.12 AM
Bruce KesslerWisdom-Mystery9.12.12
Glen TaylorFather Forgive Them9.9.12 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Seven statements of Christ on the cross9.2.12 AM
Travis AshleyPraising God8.29.12
Michael McCorkleA Better Covenant8.26.12 PM
Michael McCorkleWhat the lost man discovers8.26.12 AM
Doug SwitzerDenying Salvation8.22.12
Craig HayesUninteresting Christians8.19.12 AM
Craig HayesHope in God8.15.12
Bruce KesslerFree Healthcare from God8.12.12 AM
Curtis KluttsFaith8.8.12
Mark WoodyLessons From Geese8.5.12 AM
Mike HallDiscipline of Giving7.29.12 AM
Doug SwitzerWill God Let Everyone Into Heaven7.25.12
Travis AshleyStewardship7.22.12 PM
Craig HayesDiscipline of Study7.22.12 AM
Mark WoodyGod in a box7.18.12
Mark WoodyDiscipline of Fellowship7.15.12 AM
Travis AshleyIs God Too Busy To Help?7.11.12
Bruce KesslerDiscipline of Fasting7.8.12 AM
David RobinsonDecisions, Decisions, Decisions7.2.12 AM
Craig HayesIs God like a Grandfather?6.27.12
Craig HayesMeditation6.24.12 AM
Travis AshleyForgiveness6.24.12 PM
Bruce KesslerThe God Who Supplies6.20.12
Glen TaylorSongs and Singing6.17.12 AM
Bruce KesslerIs God Out to Get You?6.13.12
Bruce KesslerPrayer-The Secret Place6.10.12 AM
Mark WoodyIntroduction to Disciplines for the Disciple6.3.12 AM
Travis AshleyWhat about Prayer?5.30.12
Craig HayesRelationships5.23.12
Chris TaylorEvangelism5.20.12 AM
Mark WoodyTrials and Temptations5.16.12
Bruce KesslerUnwavering Faith5.13.12 AM
Bruce KesslerLove One Another5.9.12
Craig HayesEffectively Reaching the Lost5.6.12 AM
Craig HayesBuilding Blocks4.29.12 AM
Doug SwitzerCovetousness4.25.12
Bruce KesslerThe Parable of the Sower4.22.12 AM
Glen TaylorGiving Thanks4.22.12 PM
Glen TaylorDo Not Bear False Witness4.18.12
Mark WoodyMaking Wise Decisions4.15.12 AM
Clyde WoodyThings That Will Last For Eternity4.8.12 AM
Clyde WoodyInfluencing Others4.8.12 PM
Bruce KesslerJustice and Revenge4.1.12 AM
Chase BarrettAdultery3.28.12
Mark WoodyHow to Find a New Testament Church3.25.12 AM
Glen TaylorA Peculiar People3.25.12 PM
Ray SpeightsWhat is the Sabbath?3.21.12
Glen TaylorHow to Maintain Unity in the Church3.18.12 AM
Jordan DanserHonor Your Parents3.14.12
Ian JonesSix Gates of Approval3.11.12 AM
Ian JonesTake Heed Brethren3.11.12 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Place of Examples in Bible Authority3.4.12 AM
Travis AshleyThere is More to Murder2.29.12
Jay LoydStandard of Authority Part 22.26.12 PM
Jay LoydStandard of Authority Part 12.26.12 AM
Charles ValleeTaking God's Name in Vain2.22.12 PM
David RobinsonSign Up2.19.12 AM
Mark WoodyNo Pictures Allowed2.15.12
Mark WoodyDistractions2.12.12 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Way Out of Religious Division2.12.12 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Ten Commandments2.8.12
Craig HayesDenominations 2.5.12 AM
Ray SpeightsFaith1.29.12 AM
Travis AshleyKnowledge and Wisdom1.25.12
Glen TaylorPut on Gods Armor1.22.12 PM
Craig HayesPut on Christ1.22.12 AM
Mark WoodyLiving in the Year 20121.15.12 AM
Craig HayesWhat the Quartet Meant To Me1.11.12
Mike HallHow to Overcome Sin1.8.12 PM
Bruce KesslerNew Years Examination 1.1.12 AM
Charles ValleeSin of Slothfulness12.28.11
Glen TaylorChrist the Savior12.25.11 AM
Chase BarrettLust12.21.11
Mark WoodyIndescribable Gift12.18.11 AM
Glen TaylorGluttony12.14.11
Bruce KesslerMore than a Prophet12.11.11 AM
David RobinsonJudgment Begins With the House of God12.4.11 AM
Craig HayesEnvy11.30.11
Ray SpeightsLaw and Grace11.27.11 AM
Craig HayesThoughts on the Church11.27.11 PM
Bruce KesslerGreed11.23.11
Michael McCorkleLoving Confrontation11.20.11 AM
Mark WoodyAnger11.16.11
Bruce KesslerLoving Enough to Evangelize11.13.11 AM
Mark WoodyWhat Does the Loving Self Mean?11.13.11 PM
Doug SwitzerSin of Pride11.9.11
Jeff McFaddenWho is My Neighbor?11.6.11 AM
Glen TaylorWhat Must We do to Obtain Salvation10.30.11 AM
Mark WoodyWe Are the Light10.26.11
Mark WoodyLove God With All of Your Mind10.23.11 AM
Bruce KesslerWill The Angels Come For Me10.23.11 PM
Bruce KesslerWhat Motivates You?10.19.11
Craig HayesLove With All Your Soul10.16.11 AM
Travis AshleyTalents10.12.11
Bruce KesslerThe Greatest Commandment Series10.2.11 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Good, Great, Chief Shepherd9.28.11
Shawn ZybachIf Jesus Came Today9.25.11 AM
Shawn ZybachWhy You Must Evangelize9.25.11 PM
Mark WoodySavior9.21.11
David RobinsonThe Flood9.18.11 AM
Doug SwitzerRabbi9.14.11
Mark WoodyA Day of Remembrance9.11.11 AM
Bruce KesslerWhere Have You Been?9.4.11 AM
Ray SpeightsKing of the Jews8.31.11
Ian JonesForgiveness8.28.11 PM
Ian JonesJehovah: Our Righteousness8.28.11 AM
Chase BarrettLight of the World8.24.11
Mark WoodyChallenges for 21st Century Congregations8.21.11 AM
Mark WoodyFirst Adam Second Adam8.17.11
David RobinsonTrust in God8.14.11 AM
Charles ValleeSon of Man8.10.11
Bruce KesslerDarkness Defeated8.7.11 AM
Glen TaylorMoments With the Savior7.31.11 AM
Ty FlemingConcepts of Authority7.27.11
Ty FlemingGoing, Weeping,Sowing, and Reaping7.26.11
Ty FlemingLessons Learned From Pain and Suffering7.25.11
Ty FlemingDo You Believe?7.24.11 AM
Ty FlemingThe Man That Could Have Been7.24.11 PM
Travis AshleyLamb of God7.20.11
Ray SpeightsMoments With the Savior7.17.11 AM
Bruce KesslerTHE SON OF GOD7.13.11
Mark WoodyA Moment With the Savior7.10.11 AM
Bruce KesslerA Teaching Moment7.3.11 AM
Mark WoodyLogos6.29.11
Mark WoodyThe Rich Young Ruler6.26.11 AM
David RobinsonGPS6.26.11 PM
Glen TaylorLord6.22.11
Bruce KesslerA Touching Moment6.19.11 AM
Bruce KesslerEmmanuel6.15.11
Rusty SpringerThe Faith of the Prophets- Evangelism6.12.11 AM
Doug SwitzerChrist6.8.11
Glen TaylorA Transforming Moment6.5.11 AM
Glen TaylorAre You Ready?5.29.11 AM
Chase BarrettThe Lord is Coming5.25.11
Mark WoodyServing One Another5.22.11 PM
David RobinsonThe Church5.22.11 AM
Bruce KesslerDoomsday5.18.11
Jay LoydLove Wins5.15.11 AM
Bruce KesslerWhatever He Says To You Do It5.8.11 AM
Mark WoodyWhat Does a Disciple Love5.1.11 AM
Glen TaylorHe is Risen4.24.11 AM
David RobinsonThe Man Who Went to Hell4.24.11 PM
Mark WoodyOpen Our Eyes Lord4.17.11 AM
Doug SwitzerSelf Control4.13.11
Clyde WoodyThe Worship Service4.10.11 AM
Clyde WoodyFaith4.10.11 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Other Side of the Mountain4.3.11 AM
Bruce KesslerGentleness3.30.11
Mark WoodyWhat Does the Bible Say About Miracles3.27.11 AM
David RobinsonGreatest Gifts3.27.11 PM
Bruce KesslerFruit of Faithfulness3.23.11
Glen TaylorSatan3.20.11 AM
Mark WoodyFruit called Goodness3.16.11
Marlon Cole1000 Year Reign3.13.11 PM
Marlon ColeChurch and Kingdom3.13.11 AM
Chase BarrettFruit of Kindness3.9.11
Bruce KesslerHow Do I Teach a Friend a Christian Worldview3.6.11 AM
Glen TaylorChurch and the Kingdom2.27.11 PM
Bruce KesslerJesus: The Tender Plant2.27.11 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Fruit of Long Suffering2.23.11
Ray SpeightsEvolution2.20.11 AM
Doug SwitzerPeace2.16.11
Jerry NallWhy Do Bad Things Happen to Good People2.13.11 AM
Jerry NallWhy Do Bad Things Happen to Good People Part 22.13.11 PM
Bruce KesslerWhy Should I Believe Jesus is the Only Way to God2.6.11 AM
Michael McCorkleChristian Worldview of Salvation1.30.11 AM
Mike HallWhy Should I Believe Jesus was the Resurrected God1.23.11 AM
Charles ValleeJoy1.19.11
Mark WoodyCan We Trust the Bible1.16.11 AM
Bruce KesslerFruit of Spirit1.12.11
Mark WoodyWalk With God1.9.11 PM
Glen TaylorFaith1.9.11 AM
Bruce KesslerChristian Worldview1.2.11 AM
Glen TaylorNew Years Resolutions12.29.10
Bruce KesslerPut on Gods Armor12.26.10 AM
Doug SwitzerThe Birth of Jesus12.22.10
Mark WoodyThe Truth of the Virgin Birth12.15.10
Ray SpeightsNoah 12.12.10 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Providential Care of God12.12.10 PM
Mark WoodyThe Power of Knowing Christ12.5.10 AM
Mark WoodyThe Kingdom of Jesus Christ11.28.10 AM
Mark WoodyThe Kingdom of Jesus Part 211.28.10 AM
Bruce KesslerUniversalism11.24.10
Glen TaylorBeing A Full Christian11.21.10 AM
Bruce KesslerTotal Deprevity11.17.10
Bruce KesslerThe Forgiveness of Sin11.14.10 AM
Doug SwitzerOnce Saved Always Saved11.10.10
Mike MinsonThe Presence of God's Glory11.7.10 AM
Bruce KesslerExperiencing the church part 210.27.10 PM
Mark Woody1000 Year Reign10.27.10
Bruce KesslerExperiencing the church Part 110.24.10 AM
Mark WoodyThe Rapture 10.20.10
Mark WoodyAre You Drifting?10.17.10 AM
Bruce KesslerPre Destination10.13.10
Michael McCorkleBeing Fair Minded10.10.10 AM
Michael McCorkleWhat is Faith10.10.10 PM
David RobinsonWhats a Preacher To Preach10.3.10 AM
Mark WoodyKey Moments in Romans9.29.10
Ty FlemingChurch Buisness 1019.26.10 PM
Ty FlemingFour Principles of Repentance9.26.10 AM
Bruce KesslerLast Study in Romans9.22.10
Randall MayFinding A Way in the Will of God9.19.10 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Event that Moves Us to Another Level9.12.10 AM
Glen TaylorPraying to God to Use Our Gifts9.8.10
Jack AckersUnderstanding Gods Wisdom8.29.10 AM
Mark WoodyRomans 15:1-13 8.25.10
David RobinsonForgiveness8.22.10 PM
Clyde WoodyTen Positive Living Factors8.22.10 AM
Jay LoydUsing What God has Given8.15.10 AM
Charles ValleeRomans 138.11.10
Mark WoodyNevertheless at Your Word I Will8.8.10 AM
Bruce KesslerCatching Men8.8.10 PM
Bruce KesslerToday is the Day of Salvation8.1.10 AM
Bruce KesslerWhen Must We Submit to Governments7.28.10
David RobinsonBeing Meek7.25.10 PM
Bruce KesslerHeaven7.25.10 AM
Mark WoodyRomans 127.21.10
Glen TaylorPeace7.18.10 AM
Glen TaylorRomans 11- The Goodness and Severity of God7.14.10
Rusty SpringerLove Each Other7.11.10 AM
Mark WoodyThe Main Thing7.4.10 AM
Doug SwitzerThe Canonization of Scripture6.30.10
Dwight PerkinsThe Fathers Role6.27.10 AM
Doug SwitzerRomans 106.23.10
Glen TaylorThe Sin of Omission6.20.10 AM
Mark WoodyAlone with God6.13.10 AM
Bruce KesslerWhat is Your Relationship With God6.13.10 PM
Charles ValleeRomans 86.9.10
Bruce KesslerLife Journey6.6.10 AM
Bruce KesslerRomans 8 Spirit5.26.10
Glen TaylorThe New Testament5.23.10 AM
Mark WoodyDo You Listen?5.23.10 PM
Mark WoodyWhen Disaster Strikes5.16.10 AM
Bruce KesslerRomans 65.12.10
Bruce KesslerSalutations to Mothers5.9.10 AM
Nathan SpringerStumbling Blocks5.2.10 AM
Bruce KesslerI Am Willing, be Cleansed4.25.10 AM
Glen TaylorSpreading Gods Word4.18.10 AM
Glen TaylorJesus the Sacrificial Lamb4.14.10
Mark WoodyRighteousness Realized4.11.10 AM
Ray SpeightsWhy is Suffering Valuable4.11.10 PM
Bruce KesslerPathway to Righteousness part 24.4.10 AM
Doug SwitzerRomans 4: 1-123.31.10
Glen TaylorPathway to Righteousness Part 13.28.10 AM
Charles ValleeProverbs 33.28.10 PM
Clint GoodmanThe Mission of the Church3.21.10 AM
Charles ValleeRomans 43.17.10
Bruce KesslerThe Gospel3.14.10 AM
Ray SpeightsSome Things You Should Know About the Church3.14.10 PM
Bruce KesslerRomans 3 How Bad am I?3.10.10
Clyde WoodyThe Power of Faith3.7.10 AM
Glen Taylor What the Bible Says About Baptism2.28.10 AM
Mark WoodyWhat Happens After Baptism2.28.10 PM
Bruce KesslerRomans 22.24.10
Mark WoodyBack to the Basics2.21.10 AM
Ray SpeightsRomans 1:18-322.17.10
David RobinsonCounting the Cost2.14.10 PM
Bruce KesslerRepent or Perish2.14.10 AM
Michael McCorkleThe Greatest False Prophet Today2.7.10 AM
Michael McCorkleMark Woodys Ordination2.7.10 AM
Bud JonesBecoming a Elder2.7.10 AM
Mark WoodyThe Greatest of These is Love1.27.10
Bruce KesslerConfession of a Deadman1.24.10 AM
Mark WoodyConfessing our Sins1.24.10 AM
Charles ValleeChristian Hope1.20.10
Doug SwitzerActive Saving Faith1.13.10
Bruce KesslerPractical Hope1.10.10 PM
Glen TaylorThe Hope Set Before Us1.10.10 AM
Bruce KesslerConsider Carefully How you Listen1.3.10 AM
Bruce KesslerActs 2812.30.09
Glen TaylorStudy the Word12.27.09 AM
Bruce KesslerWill the Real Grinch Please Stand up?12.20.09 AM
Doug SwitzerActs 2712.16.09
Bruce KesslerDo Not Worry12.13.09 PM
Randall MayDoes Jesus Care?12.13.09 AM
Michael McCorkleChurch Persecution12.9.09
Bruce KesslerMeeting Jesus12.6.09
Bruce KesslerThe Blind Side11.29.09 AM
Mike MinsonLove Part 111.22.09 AM
Mike MinsonLove Part 211.22.09 PM
Bruce KesslerActs 2511.18.09
Clyde WoodyBe Optimistic11.15.09 AM
Mark WoodyActs 2411.11.09
Mike HallWho Am I?11.8.09 AM
Bruce KesslerBeing Humble11.8.09 PM
Mark WoodyGiving11.1.09 AM
Bruce KesslerActs 2310.28.09
Mark WoodyChanging Your Mind10.25.09 PM
Bruce Kessler The Perfect Body10.25.09 AM
Doug SwitzerActs 2210.21.09
Bruce KesslerPerfection- Are You Moved?10.18.09 AM
Bruce KesslerPerfection Part 210.11.09 AM
Mark WoodyCalled To a Higher Purpose10.11.09 PM
Bruce KesslerCalling To the Imperfect10.4.09 AM
David RobinsonAbsolute Truth9.27.09 AM
Bruce KesslerCall To Live a Holy Life9.20.09 AM
Randall SmithMIssionary Work in Inida9.16.09
Glen TaylorPut on Christ9.13.09 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Excellent Name of Jesus9.13.09 PM
Michael McCorkleMoments With the Savior8.30.09 AM
Glen TaylorFear of God8.23.09 AM
David RobinsonTransformers8.23.09 PM
Mark WoodyActs 178.19.09
Clyde WoodyTake Time to Be Holy8.16.09 AM
Bruce KesslerActs 168.12.09
Jerry McCorkleLively Hope8.9.09 AM
Bruce KesslerActs 157.29.09
Glen TaylorBeing on the Winning Side7.26.09 AM
Charles ValleeChrist-like Character Needed7.26.09 PM
Matt JoynerACTS 147.22.09
Bruce KesslerTrue Unity is Found on the Cross7.22.09 AM
Mark WoodyActs 137.15.09
Jay LoydStanding Firm in the Gospel7.12.09 PM
Jay LoydNew Testament Conversion7.12.09 AM
Jay LoydGods Power to Save7.11.09
Jay LoydMans Fallen Condition7.10.09
Bruce KesslerTen Canons of Growth7.5.09 AM
Glen TaylorWhat Must I Do to be Saved6.28.09 AM
Mark WoodyHow to Discern Gods Will6.21.09 AM
Bruce KesslerCornelious: Acts Study6.17.09
Bruce KesslerClean House6.14.09 AM
Jerry McCorkleDiscerning God's Will in Our Life6.7.09 AM
Randall MayThe Value of the Church5.31.09 AM
Rusty SpringerThat One Thing5.24.09 PM
Rusty SpringerFriend, why are you here?5.24.09 AM
Mark WoodyThe Cosmic Church5.17.09 AM
Bruce KesslerA Real Church Model5.10.09 AM
Jack AckersRemember the Lords Day5.3.09 AM
Mark WoodyThe Ultimate Game of Life Part 54.26.09 PM
Mark WoodyThe Ultimate Game of Life Part 44.26.09 AM
Bruce KesslerActs Study 34.22.09
Mark WoodyLife- The Ultimate Game Part 34.19.09 AM
Bruce KesslerActs 2 Study4.15.09
Mark WoodyLife: The Ultimate Game Part 24.12.09 AM
Bruce KesslerStudy in Acts Part 14.8.09
Mark WoodyLife: The Ultimate Game Part 14.5.09 AM
Michael McCorkleLeading Your Heart3.29.09 AM
J.R. SmithThe Demostration of the Cross3.22.09 AM
J.R. SmithServing in Excellence3.22.09 PM
Mark WoodyWhats Different About You?3.15.09 AM
Glen TaylorThe Holy Spirit3.8.09 AM
Bruce KesslerValuable Presence of the Holy Spirit3.1.09 AM
Scott GagePraise and Worship2.22.09 PM
Mark WoodyThe Curse of Careless Worship2.15.09 AM
Bruce KesslerThe God WHo Sees Me : Hagar2.11.09
Bruce KesslerWhen the Whole Church Comes Together2.8.09 AM
Adam SavageWhy Are You Afraid?1.25.09 AM
Mark WoodyMaking Peace Within Yourself1.18.09 AM
Glen TaylorTime Managment1.11.09 AM
Bruce KesslerMaking the Very Most of TIme in 20091.4.09 AM
Bruce KesslerSeismic Shift- Materialism Monster12.28.08 AM
Bruce KesslerShifts that Affect Your Community12.28.08 PM
Bruce KesslerShifts From Burning to Building12.21.08 AM
Bruce KesslerShifts for Health and Rest12.14.08 AM
Mark WoodyIs it Possible For Youth to Grow Spiritually?12.10.08
Bruce KesslerSeismic Shifts12.7.08 AM
Bruce KesslerThree Seismic Shifts11.30.08 AM
Mark WoodyMaterialism Part 311.26.08 AM
David RobinsonThe Spirit Within You11.23.08 AM
Jerry RogersCancer11.16.08 AM
Mark WoodyMaterialism11.12.08
Glen TaylorBeing Steadfast11.9.08 AM
Jack AckersLegion: Just Tell Someone11.2.08 AM
Mark WoodyStability for Your Time10.29.08
Charles ValleeWalk With Christ10.22.08
Bruce KesslerPutting Ministry in Me10.19.08 AM
Mike HallQualities Needed10.15.08
Bruce KesslerThe Holy Spirit10.5.08 AM
Michael McCorkleOur God, The Father9.28.08 AM
Michael McCorkleDo You Really Trust God?9.28.08 PM
Mark WoodyThe Role of The Head of the Household9.21.08 AM
Mike MinsonLeaders9.17.08
Bruce KesslerJesus- Our Leader and Reformer9.14.08 AM
Mike MinsonLeadership9.10.08
Glen TaylorLet the Holy Spirit Show9.7.08 AM
Bruce KesslerCan These Bones Live?8.31.08 AM
Bruce KesslerDo Not LEad us to Temptation8.27.08
Jay LoydThe iMAGE AND lIKENESS OF gOD8.24.08 PM
Jay LoydThree Ways to Have Grace8.24.08 AM
Bruce KesslerTemptation8.20.08
Glen TaylorPersonal Purity8.10.08 AM
Bruce KesslerCommitment to Purity the Blood of Jesus8.3.08 AM
Charles ValleeBeing Fruitful7.30.08
David RobinsonMissing The Target7.27.08 PM
Glen TaylorRecieving Inner Peace7.27.08 AM
Mark WoodyThe Word7.23.08
Mark WoodyChallenge of Being Like Christ7.16.08
Mark WoodyAuthority in the Church7.13.08 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Challenge7.9.08
Bruce KesslerGodly Authority in Church Discipline7.6.08 AM
Bruce KesslerPathway to Righteousness Part 36.25.08
Glen TaylorGod Hates Sin6.22.08 AM
Bruce KesslerDads Red Pickup6.22.08 PM
Bruce KesslerPart 2 Path to Righteousness6.18.08
Bruce KesslerPath to righteousness 16.11.08
Bruce KesslerPrayer For the Ages6.8.08 AM
Jay LoydCommitment to Fasting6.1.08 AM
Mark WoodyPutting Plan Into Action5.21.08
Michael McCorkleSing5.18.08 AM
Michael McCorkleOutreach5.14.08
Bruce KesslerDynamic Evangalism5.4.08 AM
Bruce KesslerAre YOU ready for some Worship?4.30.08
Mark WoodyBeing Like Children4.27.08 AM
Bruce KesslerTraining Your Senses4.23.08
Bruce KesslerHow we void God's word in our lives4.16.08
Rusty SpringerThe Awe Effect4.13.08 AM
Rusty SpringerThe Perfect Plan4.11.08
Bruce KesslerLean on Me4.6.08 AM
Glen TaylorLove in the Church3.30.08 AM
Glen TaylorThe Meaning of the Resurrection3.23.08 AM
Bruce KesslerBeing Like Christ3.16.08 AM
Charles ValleeA Dynamic Faith3.12.08
Jack AckersThe "S" Word3.9.08 AM
Mark WoodyAre You a Would Be?3.2.08 AM
Mike HallPersonal Work2.27.08
Glen TaylorIs Jesus IN Your Heart?2.24.08 AM
Mark WoodyJoseph & Mary2.20.08
Bud JonesHow to be Filled with the Holy Spirit2.10.08 AM
Bruce KesslerCommitment to Christ2.3.08 AM
Adam SavageGod12.30.07 AM
Mark WoodyThe Holy Spirit12.16.07 AM
Bruce KesslerWho or What is the Holy Spirit12.2.07 AM
Bruce KesslerDivorce and Remarriage11.28.07
Mark WoodyMarriage11.14.07
Mark WoodyThe Bible11.11.07 AM
Bruce KesslerLiving in the Shadows 11.4.07 AM
David RobinsonThe Proper Place for the Ten Commandments10.28.07 PM
Glen TaylorSpreading the Word with Enthusiasm10.28.07 AM
Bruce Kessler Power of God's Word in Dealing with Pornography10.21.07 AM
Mark WoodyFinances Part 410.7.07 AM
Bruce KesslerChristainity9.26.07
Bruce KesslerFaith9.23.07 PM
Rusty SpringerHere Am I, Send Me9.16.07
Rusty SpringerStanding at the Throne of God9.15.07
Rusty SpringerWe Have Seen His Glory9.14.07
Mark WoodyThe Christian and Money Part 29.12.07
Mark WoodyThe Christian and Money Part 19.9.07 AM
Bruce KesslerOutpouring of Holy Power9.2.07 AM
Glen TaylorSearching for a Better Life?8.26.07 AM
David RobinsonServing God8.26.07 PM
Mark WoodyThe power of Unity8.12.07 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Power of Servitude8.5.07 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Call of Duty7.29.07 PM
Greg PerkinsThe Love of the Father7.22.07 AM
Mark WoodyThe Four Lessons7.22.07 PM
Dwight PerkinsThe Love of the Father7.22.07 AM
Mark WoodyThe Church Family7.15.07 AM
David RobinsonTesting of Faith7.15.07 PM
Mark WoodyMoving to the Next Level7.8.07 AM
Bruce KesslerOne Spiritual Family7.1.07 AM
Verner HayhurstA Strong Family7.1.07 PM
Glen TaylorIs God Perfect?6.24.07 PM
Bruce Kesslerwhats wrong with the church6.24.07 AM
Mark WoodyHome Groups6.17.07 AM
David RobinsonTasting Jesus6.17.07 PM
Bruce KesslerHouse to House6.10.07 AM
Verner HayhurstPeace6.3.07 AM
Clyde WoodyRestore they Salvation 5.27.07 PM
Bruce KesslerJustification and Grace5.23.07
Glen TaylorGovernment and God5.20.07 AM
Bruce KesslerJustification and Grace5.20.07 PM
Bruce KesslerGrace part 25.16.07
Mark WoodyMothers Day5.13.07 AM
Verner HayhurstGrace5.13.07 PM
Bruce KesslerGrace part 15.9.07
Bruce KesslerCall Me Bitter5.6.07 AM
Verner HayhurstAre We Doing our Job? 4.29.07 PM
Jerry McCorkleMatthew 24 and 254.25.07
Mike HallLive Today Like it was Your Last4.22.07 PM
Bruce KesslerPower of Sacrificial Risky Love4.22.07 AM
Jerry McCorkleMatthew 244.18.07
David RobinsonHalftime4.15.07 PM
Adam SavageRelationship4.15.07 AM
Jerry McCorkleMatthew 23 4.11.07
Mark WoodyGods Love Gretaer than our Mothrs4.8.07 AM
Glen TaylorGod's Power4.8.07 PM
Jay LoydPower of Love part 44.1.07 PM
Jay LoydPower of Love part 34.1.07 AM
Jay LoydPower of Love part 23.31.07
Jay LoydPower of Love part 13.30.07
Mike MinsonLife of Jesus Christ3.25.07 AM
Mike MinsonJesus Christ part 23.25.07 PM
Glen TaylorAbiding Love3.21.07
Verner HayhurstPower of Love3.18.07 AM
David RobinsonThe Treasures of God3.18.07 PM
Bruce KesslerBlack Box Recording3.14.07
Mark WoodyThe Power of Knowing Christ3.11.07 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Power of Christ in Da Boat3.4.07 AM
David RobinsonTeachable Moments2.25.07 PM
Glen TaylorThe cross and the power of Logos2.18.07 AM
Mark WoodyThe Secret of the Cross2.18.07 PM
Michael McCorkleIslam- conclusion2.11.07 PM
Michael McCorkleIslamic Faith2.11.07 AM
Michael McCorkleReligon of Islam2.7.07
Verner HayhurstThe power of the Suffering Jesus2.4.07 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Power of the Cross2.4.07 AM
Mark WoodyToday is the Most Important Day1.28.07 AM
Glen TaylorPower of the Bible1.28.07 PM
Mike HallThe Hair Question1.24.07
Verner HayhurstPower of the Relationship1.21.07 AM
Bruce KesslerJames 5:1-12 Study 1 An Enron Disaster1.21.07 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Gift of Love12.31.06 PM
Jack AckersBeing a Good Influence12.31.06 AM
Bruce KesslerGood Tidings of Great Joy12.24.06 AM
Mark WoodyBuilding Dynamic Faith12.17.06 AM
David RobinsonSowing the Seed12.17.06 PM
Verner HayhurstDoings God's Will12.10.06 PM
Mark WoodyProblems12.3.06 PM
Bruce KesslerCant Move On12.3.06 AM
Glen TaylorMoral Issues of the Day11.26.06 AM
Bruce KesslerINVASION11.22.06
Mark ParkhurstThe Cross11.19.06 PM
Mark Parkhurstare you in the book?11.19.06 AM
Mark ParkhurstThe Body11.18.06
Mark Parkhurstare you in the church11.17.06
Mark WoodyFaith 11.12.06 AM
Mark WoodyThe Foolish Man11.8.06
Bruce KesslerThe Very Lonely Firefly11.5.06 AM
David MinsonThe Shining Forth10.29.06 AM
Dusty NideyEsther10.25.06
Glen TaylorPsalms10.22.06 PM
Glen TaylorChrist is Coming Very Soon10.15.06 AM
Verner HayhurstJoshua10.15.06 PM
Jerry McCorkleDaniel10.11.06
Mark WoodyBelieve and Faith10.8.06 AM
David RobinsonDoes everyone get to heaven10.8.06 PM
Bruce KesslerCapturing the Spirit of the Church Life10.1.06 PM
Bruce KesslerBut Wait, Theres More10.1.06 AM
Bruce KesslerSunday School9.27.06
Mike HallHandling Personal Differences and Problems9.24.06 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Role of Women in the Public Assembly9.20.06
Mark WoodyMaking Marriage Work9.17.06 PM
David RobinsonThere Be Monsters9.17.06 PM
Bruce KesslerBanging to the Beat of a Different Drum9.13.06
Bruce KesslerJoesph and the Chocolate Cookies9.10.06 PM
Verner HayhurstJeremiah8.30.06
Jay LoydBlasphemy of the Holy Spirit8.27.06 AM
Jay LoydUnderstanding the Different Bible Translations 8.27.06 PM
Bruce KesslerResistence is Futile8.23.06
Mark WoodyNevertheless at Your Word I Will8.20.06 AM
Chuck RussellSamuel the Seer8.16.06
Bruce KesslerGospel Salt Shakers8.13.06 AM
Bruce KesslerGospel Salt Shakers part 28.13.06 PM
Bruce KesslerI'm a Light For You Friend7.30.06 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Road of Oppurtunity7.26.06
Mark WoodyPrayer7.19.06
Glen TaylorPatience7.16.06 AM
Mike SavageSomething To Do7.16.06 PM
Adam SavageLove Defined7.9.06 AM
Mark WoodyJudge Not?7.9.06 PM
Bruce KesslerFaith of Our Fathers7.2.06 AM
Chuck RussellComing to Church7.2.06 PM
Mike MinsonShadows Part 6 - Crossing Jordan6.28.06
Mike MinsonShadows Part 4 - The tabernacle6.25.06 AM
Mike MinsonShadows Part 5 - The Wilderness6.25.06 PM
Adam SavageCoats of Many Colors6.18.06 PM
Mark WoodyThe Fathers Responsibility6.18.06 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Two Sons- Reject or Accept Christ's Authority6.14.06
Jay LoydMisunderstood Thomas6.11.06 PM
Bruce KesslerReal Terror6.4.06 AM
Mike MinsonShadows Part 1 - Pharoh5.28.06 AM
Mike MinsonMoses and the Red Sea5.28.06 PM
Mark WoodyLove5.24.06
Adam SavageAbandonment5.21.06 PM
Mark WoodyHope5.17.06
Glen TaylorDecoding DaVinci5.14.06 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Believer's Guide to the Assembly 15.7.06 AM
Dwight PerkinsGod's Love4.30.06 AM
Chuck RussellMore Than Armor4.30.06 PM
Bruce KesslerParables Series part 14.12.06
Mark WoodyThe Measure of a Strong Church4.2.06 AM
Bruce KesslerThe Crown4.2.06 PM
Bruce KesslerWhy Don't You Mature?3.26.06 AM
Bruce KesslerXtreme beliver 33.22.06
Adam SavageToo Small3.19.06 AM
Bruce KesslerXtreme Believer's Part 13.8.06
Bruce KesslerHollywood Super Bowl3.5.06 AM
Mark WoodyTreasure in Heaven2.26.06 AM
Bruce KesslerHoly in Everything2.26.06 PM
Glen TaylorAre You Sick?2.12.06 AM
Chuck RussellHow Do You Forgive?2.12.06 PM
David RobinsonThe Decision and The Promise2.5.06 PM
Bruce KesslerA Super Success2.5.06 AM
Bruce KesslerAm I Gomer1.25.06
Bruce KesslerI Am Gomer1.18.06
Michael McCorkleBook Burning1.15.06 AM
Bruce KesslerYou Are a Witness1.15.06 PM
Mark WoodyCan the Bible Be Understood?1.11.06
Bruce KesslerPrecious Faith1.8.06 AM
David RobinsonLove1.8.06 PM
Mark WoodyTime Management1.1.06 PM
Glen TaylorThe Birth of Jesus12.21.05
Glen TaylorVictorious Church12.11.05 AM
Bruce KesslerYesterday, Today, and Forever12.11.05 PM
Bruce KesslerThe Incredibles!!!12.4.05 AM
Mark WoodyGod's Will in Our Finances Pt. 511.30.05
Mark WoodyGod's Will in Our Finances Pt. 411.23.05
Mark WoodyGod's Will in Our Finances Pt. 311.16.05
Mark WoodyGod's Will in Our Finances Pt. 211.13.05 AM
Bruce KesslerSanctification11.13.05 PM
Bruce KesslerHuman Sandpaper11.6.05 AM
Glen TaylorThe Battle is Raging10.30.05 AM
Mark WoodyWhy Knock Myself Out?10.30.05 PM
Glen TaylorFear Factor10.16.05 PM
Mike MinsonAnd They Didn't Know They Were Angels10.12.05
Bruce KesslerA Courageous Church Pt 110.2.05 AM
Bruce KesslerA Courageous Church Pt 210.2.05 PM
Marlon ColeLoving the Church9.25.05 PM
Marlon ColeLovest Thou Me9.25.05 AM
Marlon ColeThe Chariot Ride9.24.05
Marlon ColeWhat Answer Would You Give9.23.05
Mike MinsonAngels at the End of Time9.14.05
Mark WoodyAngelic Facts9.11.05 AM
Mike MinsonAn Angel Told Me9.11.05 PM
Bruce KesslerYou Must Be Present to Win9.4.05 AM
Glen TaylorWhy Be a Christian?9.4.05 PM
Mark WoodyAm I My Brother's Keeper8.28.05 AM
Bruce KesslerHow to Study the Bible8.28.05 PM
Mark WoodyWhat Does the Lord Require of You8.14.05 AM
Bruce KesslerAdoption8.7.05 AM
Glen TaylorSearcher of the Heart7.31.05 AM
Adam SavageTwo Characteristics of God7.24.05 AM
Bruce KesslerScars of Life7.24.05 PM
Bruce KesslerWorship7.3.05 AM
Glen TaylorSpiritual Ailments7.3.05 PM
Jay LoydForgiveness6.26.05 AM
Jay LoydCommitment6.26.05 PM
Jay LoydGrace6.25.05
Jay LoydSalvation6.24.05
Adam SavageDavid6.15.05
Bruce KesslerLost and Found6.5.05 AM
David RobinsonAbide in Christ5.29.05 PM
David RobinsonRahab the Harlot5.25.05
Mark WoodyHanna, A Woman of Faith5.15.05 PM
Bruce KesslerHonoring Mothers5.8.05 AM
Bruce KesslerYielding to God5.1.05 PM
Clyde WoodyPersonal Evangelism Part 25.1.05 AM
Michael McCorkleHistory of Church part 1 "Absolute Power"4.24.05 AM
Michael McCorkleHistory of Church part 2 "Restoration"4.24.05 PM
Mark WoodyGetting More Out of the Lord's Supper4.17.05 AM
Adam SavageInitiative4.17.05 PM
Bruce KesslerHidden in Christ4.4.05 AM
David RobinsonUsing Your Talents3.27.05 PM
Bruce KesslerWorship3.23.05
Bruce KesslerIntegrity2.27.05 AM
David RobinsonWalk on the Word2.27.05 PM
Mark WoodyCommitment to Each Other2.13.05 AM
Bruce KesslerCommitment2.6.05 AM
Mark WoodyChristian Examples2.6.05 PM
Adam SavageUnfairly Judged1.30.05 AM
David Robinson5 Minutes1.30.05 PM
Clyde WoodyPersonal Evangelism1.23.05 AM
Bruce KesslerSexual Immorality1.3.03 AM